Create Art & Comics

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Narrate Through Art

Artistically inclined or just like getting a little creative with supplies around your house? Create some art that either

  • tells a story that you lived or made up - or -

  • helps us understand something special or important about a story you found

Once you are done, take a picture and put it in this Padlet.

Don't forget to log it on your Summer Story Tracking Sheet!

Draw, Paint, Sculpt & More

Whatever format or medium you use, here are some tips for telling a story through artwork

  • See from another perspective

  • Put emotions in motion

  • Create an unreal reality

  • Tell a story within an action

  • Build a central character

  • Color your story

See 18 tips for telling a story through an artwork

Stories in Art

Create Comics

Comics are a great way to tell a story by combining words and pictures in a format that people love.

Digital Comics

Make Beliefs Comix

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Doing it Old-School

Download blank comics frames to print out