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What's a podcast? The Podcast Host says it's "an audio program, like radio, but you can subscribe to it on your smartphone and listen to it whenever you like. It's usually focused on a particular topic or theme and you can listen to it on a phone or a computer or tablet. There are so many different ones, there's sure to be one that interests you!

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NPR Student Podcast Challenge Winners

Each year, NPR hosts a podcast challenge to students. Find/listen to the 25 finalists and read more about the finalists here! The 2020 Winners are:

Middle School Winners: Masked Kids

High School Winners: Climate Change & Environmental Racism

Great for Younger Folks

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls - sample episodes: Temple Grandin, Julia Child, Frida Kahlo, Greta Thunberg

Stories Kids Seem to Like - selections from This American Life. Try: Middle School, Squirrel Cop, Notes on Camp

Middle School Podcast Playlist: Ranges from myths, legends, and adventure to time travel, reading, and writing.

Podcasts To Pair with CSLP’s Summer Reading Theme - SLJ

Teens Tune In

Teenager Therapy

This American Life: Recommended - try: Harper High School Part I & Part II

High School Podcast Playlist: 13 episodes, wide array of fiction and nonfiction, from fantasy to horror and tech.

Listening For All Ages

Short Wave - NPR - Science for everyone about 10 minutes every weekday

Listen to What They’re Saying - Learn to see through protesters’ eyes with these podcasts (NY Times)

NPR Student Podcast Challenge 2020 Winner - Group of students from Brooklyn exploring how environmental racism and climate change affect their neighborhood

Podcasts for Middle School Kids