The Art of Telling a Story

Storytelling may just be the oldest art form of all. Picture the cave people around a fire telling about the one that got away. Some people are just better at telling stories than the rest of us -- but there's hope for the rest of us! If you get some tips and practice you can get better at it.

Tell a story - and then share it if you dare! Record it on this Flipgrid or post it on this Padlet.

Don't forget to track your stories.

Traditional Storytelling

Performing "The Walrus Hunt" - shows how students in Anchorage, Alaska, develop a song and dance to tell about a walrus hunt.

Funny Stories

Corey's Stories - Boston Comic Corey Rodrigues tells jokes and funny stories to kids several times a week. He started it in spring 2020 on Facebook and moved to Zoom, and you can see a bunch of them archived on YouTube.