Short Stories

Make it snappy

What's great about short stories? Well, for one thing you can read the whole thing in one sitting! Sometimes there are books of story collections by many authors, all around one theme (scary stories are common!), sometimes there are books written by one author with a group of linked stories. There are lots of great stories you can find online for free or for a small price.

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Published Short Story Collections

Middle Grade

  • Look Both Ways: A Tale Told in Ten Blocks - Jason Reynolds

  • Take the Mic: Fictional Stories of Everyday Resistance

  • Oddly Enough - Bruce Coville (on Hoopla)

  • Perilous Princesses - (on Hoopla)

  • Guys Read series (on Hoopla)

  • Tales from the Fringe of Fear (on Hoopla)

  • Terrifying Tales to Tell at Night (on Hoopla)

  • The Arabian Nights (on Hoopla)

  • Flying Lessons & Other Stories

  • The Hero Next Door

Young Adult

  • Behind the Song (on Hoopla - with a Spotify playlist)

  • Steampunk! (on Hoopla)

  • Stupid Perfect World (novella on hoopla) - Scott Westerfeld

  • Black Enough - ed. by Ibi Zoboi

  • How I Resist

  • His Hideous Heart

  • Open Mic: riffs on life between cultures in ten voices - ed. by Mitali Perkins

  • Fresh Ink

  • Skeleton Crew by Stephen King

Short Stories Online